Current Favourites

I’m on holidays!

Are you guys as excited by that news as I am?

I’m back today with a little favourites post because we all know I love them! (And I hope you guys do too!)

I’ve been listening to crime podcasts in all my spare time because I love true crime. I really do. Books, TV shows, podcasts. I don’t discriminate. Anyway, a podcast I’ve recently discovered is My Favourite Murder and I just can’t stop listening. Seriously. I’m literally listening to it as I write this, cackling away. Yep, I LAUGH OUT LOUD while listening to a true crime podcast. What’s wrong with me?! And I always need to shout out The Generation Why podcast which is still, and may always be, my favourite true crime podcast. So balanced. So well researched.

Drinks wise – I’ve been drinking matcha lattes and dandy chai non-stop. YUM.

Harry recently bought me a Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holder and I’ve been using it everyday. Himalayan salt is supposed to be really cleansing and great for allergies… I just love the look of them.



Peter Alexander have the most adorable collection out at the moment… these are some pieces from it that I’m lusting over.

Pink handmade ceramic plates with gold edges by Suite One Studio. | theprettycrusades.com:

These beautiful, delicate plates.

DIY Instant Oatmeal Jars. I would be too scared to add the boiling water to the actual jar, but I love the pre-measured and portioned serves! Since it’s suuuuuper cold these days (and I have a ridic amount of jars) I’m going to make a bunch of these up.

And that’s about it! Is anyone else obsessed with those adorable PJs? I feel a shopping spree coming on…

Sharni X


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