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What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag

When it comes to makeup I generally always keep it low key. Sometimes I have fun playing with bold colours and styles, but I almost always come back to a very natural and clean look.

For travelling, I obviously go very natural and minimal, but also super fuss free. I use multi-functional products, and as little as I can.

My skin has the tendency to freak out when we travel, so I do need a fair amount of coverage, but I don’t like spending forever doing my makeup. Especially because I’m usually swimming at some point during the day.

And as we’re usually out a lot of the day, I like creating a look that is versatile for both day and night.

With that said, let’s take a look at what’s in my travel makeup bag!

The first thing I always take travelling with me is Lucas Paw Paw Ointment. This product is my saviour for so many things. I put it on my lips, cheeks and sometimes on my eyebrows to keep them in place. I also use it for any small grazes or cuts, and put it on my cuticles and eyelashes each night before bed.

I always take eyelash curlers with me, as well as a spooli for my eyebrows, a beauty blender, and a powder brush. All essentials.

As for makeup, I love to use Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream. It’s light and makes my skin glowy. I also find it the application really easy and it sinks in almost instantly.

For under my eyes and minor blemishes, I use Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. It brightens dark circles and covers uneven skin fast!

For more serious blemishes and acne, I use Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer. It’s super creamy and doesn’t dry your skin out, while still maintaining an even coverage.

To add some depth to my face, I always use Chi Chi Natural Wall of Shimmer. It gives you a nice beachy glow without being super pigmented.

After I’ve curled my lashes, I add a light slick of Maybelline Full ‘N Soft Mascara. My eyelashes are uneven and slightly gappy so this is my least favourite part.

I’ll then run a spooli through my eyebrows and lightly fill in the gaps and with Covergirl Brow and Eyemakers Pencil. I sometimes have to brush my eyebrows again with the spooli after.

To finish off I use Maybelline Baby Lips which I reapply as needed throughout the day.

And that’s what I take in my travel makeup bag! It only really takes me five to ten minutes to apply my makeup, which means more time spent exploring and trying new things!

I would love to know if you have any favourite travel friendly products in your makeup bag!

Sharni X



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