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September Favourites

It’s seriously October already? This year is going by scarily fast.

I’m kinda not even mad though because it’s Halloween month and then it’s my birthday month and then it’s Christmas month. My favourite time of the year.

During the past month (how many times can I say month? month month month) I’ve been laying kinda low, not gonna lie. I mean, we went to Byron Bay for a weekend, but that’s about it. It was school holidays which means no work for me, so I’ve been lounging and beaching and eating, basically. Hashtag living.

Now I know I already do a current favourites post regularly, but I wanted to start doing monthly favourites posts to share products moreso than links and recipes. I hope that’s okay!

On that note, let’s get to my favourites for September, shall we?

Okay, so If you weren’t aware, I’m a MAJ. tea lover, and I have a collection that’s a little… ridiculous in that it’s just so large. No-one can drink THAT much tea. Oh wait, except for meeeee 😉

This Pukka tea is AMAZING. I already drink fennel tea that I make myself with plain old fennel seeds, so I honestly wasn’t expecting much when I first tried it. BUT, it’s so much better than the boring fennel tea I used to make, and it’s way more cleansing and detoxifying. If you’ve never tried fennel tea, you really should get yourself a box of this. It’s the BEST way to get things regular (if you know what I mean) and it leaves you feeling light and fresh. Basically it’s the only tea you need for Spring.

My next favourite is hair related, because while I do have naturally blonde hair, I’ve noticed it’s been getting a bit dull and bleh lately. Not cute.

So I did a bit of research online and found some great reviews for the Lemon Highlights collection by OGX. I bought it from Chemist Warehouse (waaaay cheaper than buying elsewhere) about two weeks ago and HAVE NOT REGRETTED IT ONCE. First of all, it makes your hair smell and feel AMAZING. I think the coconut oil works so well at keeping your hair soft and lush, and the lime and citrus scents make your LIFE smell like Spring. I’ve found my hair is definitely lighter and shinier, and also bouncier. Definitely buy the Activating Citrus Oil Mist as well as the Shampoo and Conditioner for the best results.

A couple of weekends ago we went to Byron Bay for Harry’s birthday and, I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but it’s a very spiritual and relaxing place to be. I always feel so inspired after visiting Byron Bay, and while I don’t buy into the hype completely, I do love how much people put their faith into healing through crystals and nature. So, after dinner one night we went into a crystal shop and I found this beautiful raw rose quartz that I just had to have. It’s just smaller than my palm and it’s so, so beautiful. Now if you buy into using crystals for healing and wellness, you’d know that rose quartz is the crystal for unconditional love, both of others and yourself.

It’s also a very feminine crystal, and promotes compassion, peace, tenderness, nourishment and comfort. It is said to dissolve emotional wounds, as well as fears and resentment. It basically allows you to love and be loved to the full extent. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like this world, and some of the bad people in it, have hardened my soul and made me so cynical to the point that I’m no longer open to anything in life. I can’t accept someone doing something out of the goodness of their hearts because I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop – I’m waiting for them to reveal their true colours and intentions. I bought this crystal hoping it would help me become a bit softer in my heart and soul. I’m aware this makes me sound a little cray but there’s nothing wrong in wanting to be a kinder human.

If you regularly read my blog you would have noticed that recently I was lucky enough to receive some natural skincare products from Beechworth Honey, which was so lovely and I’m forever grateful to them for being so generous and supportive of A Girl & Grey!

I think my favourite products out of the five I received are definitely the face scrub and the moisturiser. Now, I did say that I haven’t been using the moisturiser on my face due to my skin being too sensitive, but I’ve discovered it’s actually the best nail and cuticle cream on earth?! And the face scrub is something I’ve been using every day because of how gentle, yet effective, it is. It removes my makeup so well to the point that I’ve had noticeably less blemishes and way, waaaay softer skin.

Now, my next favourite is home/interiors related and I’m so excited I discovered it.

This candle is the Salted Butter Caramel Candle from Dusk. I actually got it half price in the sale and unfortunately it seems there aren’t any of this exact style left, however they still have a pillar style candle left in this fragrance, which is also half price. My advice to you is RUN, DON’T WALK, to snap up this BARGAIN because this is theeeeeee exact way I want my house to smell forever. It’s sweet and warm and buttery, but not perfumey AT ALL. It basically smells like the best caramel cookies EVER.

Speaking of amazing tastes, you guys know by now that I’m obsessed with Beechworth Honey and probably will be for the rest of my life. So it makes sense that their Vanilla Bean honey made it into my favourites for September because honestly? I’ve been eating it errrrrrday and errrrrnight and possibly a few times inbetween. My favourite way to have it is on some of this yogurt. YUM!

My next favourite is FOR SURE It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. I’ve already reviewed it over here, but it’s so worthy of a second mention.

As I said in my review, this is Colleen’s best novel to date. November 9 was phenomenal, but It Ends With Us takes the cake because it focuses on such a taboo topic, and it makes you feel ALL OF THE FEELS. It’s also a book that I believe all women, men and young adults entering relationships need to read, because there are just some things that schools cannot and will not teach, and even as an adult such areas of conversation are just not reached in social constructs. This book will show you your limits, and then let you watch as you break them. It will make you question every fibre of your being. So yes, you should go and read it, definitely.

A beauty related favourite of mine during September was for sure the Zoella Beauty Solid Fragrance from her original collection. It comes in the most adorable tin that I just throw in my handbag and I’m off!

As I’m currently studying and working, I often have to go from classes to work, or vice versa. It can be such a long day and I always feel the need to apply some sort of fragrance so that I smell fresh! I would usually take liquid perfume in my handbag, but I’m such a klutz and am always dropping everything, so I’m scared to break it all over my phone/wallet/books, etc, which is why a solid perfume makes so much sense. The scent is gorgeous, light and feminine, and the balm that holds the fragrance doesn’t dry your skin out, which I was definitely worried about before purchasing. I’ve been using it most days for over a month and it still looks brand new. Deffo recommend! If you’re in Australia, you might even be able to find this product at your local Target – that’s where I got mine!

My next favourite is from my go-to stationery store, Kikki-K, and it’s the mug from the new (& totally improved!) Sweet Collection. I have a habit of collecting tea cups and coffee mugs, and it’s probably got a lot to do with the fact that I drink a lot of hot liquids (mainly tea as we know) throughout the day. Also, I think a pretty cup can totally transform your drinking experience.

I bought this mug about a month ago and I’ve been using it every single day. It’s beautifully bright and white, and perfect for Spring. It’s a little smaller than your average mug, which I love, because it makes the tea cool a bit faster so you don’t have to wait 25 minutes before you can take a sip! And it’s just beyond adorable, let’s be honest.

Now onto my last favourite (because this post is getting WAAAAY too long) is Rimmel’s Rain Rain Go Away nail polish.

It’s the perfect neutral grey tone that suits all seasons and outfits, and two coats lasts for over a week on my terribly weak nails. I also love this colour because it’s super sophisticated and it actually made my skin appear a little more tanned, which I absolutely love!

That’s it for my September Favourites! I apologise that it’s a little late but that’s life isn’t it! I’m either WAY too early or a little late, anyone else?

Feel free to share some products you’ve been loving for the past month in the comments. I’m always on the hunt for some new obsessions!

Sharni X



12 thoughts on “September Favourites

  1. I love your favorites!! Right up my alley. 😊 I also got a bit into crystals… just recently this year, actually… I’m not a very esoteric person or anything, but the idea of different energies to different objects (persons?) resonates so much with me.

    Adele //

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